Power Equipment

Sanray’s experience in power system products is unrivalled, ensuring global quality assurance through outstanding service, competence, and efficiency.

With our Total Quality Control strategy, we can support your assurance, testing, inspection, and certification needs, whether your product generates, distributes, or regulates electricity. We are specialists on international regulatory regulations and can provide third-party services for any market you want to enter.

Among some of the services offered are:

  • Testing for Gas Safety
  • Benchmarking and Performance Testing
  • Services for Power Generation
  • Analysis of Cycling Costs
  • Risk-based equipment evaluation
  • Maintenance that is condition-based
  • Cost Analysis of Renewable Energy Integration
  • Testing of Transformer Oil

The following are examples of products:

  • Panels and converters for photovoltaic (PV) energy
  • Turbines (Wind)
  • Technologies based on hydrogen
  • Add-on modules
  • Battery and Energy Storage in Fluid Systems
  • Products with a Distributed Generation
  • Generators with Stationary Engines
  • Generators with Stationary Engines
  • Micro-Turbines
  • Fuel Cells (FC)
  • Transformers
  • Gas Valves for Switchgear