Oil And Gas

From testing, inspection, and certification to consulting, technical, engineering, and associated services, our technical professionals provide Total Quality Assurance across the entire oil and gas supply chain.

For owners and operators, the oil and gas business presents a unique set of obstacles. As reserves dwindle and product demand changes, support services’ efficiency, precision, and dependability become more important than ever. It will become increasingly vital to manage the decommissioning of old assets. Throughout the supply chain, ensuring the safety of your people and sites, as well as optimizing your processes, takes precedence – from extraction, which involves increasingly higher pressures and temperatures, to statutory inspection of production assets and asset life extension, to hydrocarbon transportation, which is governed by stringent regulations and standards.

Exploration and production, engineering, refining, testing, inspection, certification, quality, training, research, and other hydrocarbon sector activities are all supported by our global Total Quality Assurance services. Technical specialists, including oil and gas and hazardous area scientists, consultants, engineers, chemists, technicians, and trainers, can assure regulatory compliance of the raw materials utilised throughout all stages of the project life cycle.