Sanray’s Quality Assurance testing, inspection, and certification solutions help control risk in the hydrogen economy, including production, delivery, infrastructure, storage, fuel cells, and a variety of end-uses.

Hydrogen is a flexible, clean, and safe energy carrier that can be employed as a power source or as a feedstock in industry. Environmental policies, the commercialization of fuel cells, the lowering cost of renewables, energy independence, and increased public and private investment are all driving up demand for hydrogen. The hydrogen industry will encounter both obstacles and possibilities as demand develops. The existing and emerging demands for hydrogen will significantly expand into the transportation, chemical, industrial applications, and power generation sectors, owing to the need for lower-cost, more-efficient, and more-durable electrolyzers, as well as delivery and storage concerns, end-use system integration, advanced manufacturing processes, and codes and standards alignment.

Transitioning from today’s Grey Hydrogen production to Blue and then Green production will require advancements in not only production processes, but also complementary solutions like carbon capture and storage (CCS), significant growth in renewable power generation, and expansion of current assets and infrastructure like converting existing natural gas pipelines to hydrogen.¬†Hydrogen industry stakeholders need a trusted partner to assist ensure quality and safety from production to end-use applications as they navigate the rapid energy evolution and keep up with global energy demands while meeting sustainability targets and guaranteeing profitability.

Sanray is leading the way in hydrogen services and solutions for the whole hydrogen value chain today:


Services to ensure that hydrogen is produced, handled, and used in a safe manner.

Failure Analysis of Materials:

Expertise to ensure that your equipment and infrastructure will last to the end of their design life, with minimal maintenance, failure mitigation, and material strength prioritized and planned for.

Testing :

Hydrogen refueling stations, hydrogen fuel components, and systems, such as dispensing systems, compression systems, storage systems, electrolyzers, chillers, reformers, and stationary fuel cell systems, be thoroughly tested.

Advisory Services: 

Expertise in engineering, materials, regulatory, and safety to help you succeed by avoiding product failures and accelerating your time to market. Sanray provides product design advice, document preparation, remaining life analyses, risk assessments, supply chain assurance, and training to our clients.

Sanray’s broad-based Assurance, Testing, and Inspection services are delivered globally by our extensive network of industry experts, and include everything from functional safety and performance testing to material and fuel cell testing, regulatory support, integrity management software, engineering consulting, technical inspection services, hydrogen purity testing, and quality monitoring. We understand and will help you foresee not just the obstacles and risks, but also the opportunities and advantages, whether your demands are short-term or long-term.