The complete supply chain for biodiesel, ethanol, biomass, and other biofuels is supported by Sanray Total Quality Assurance expertise.

Sanray provides refiners, producers, blenders, distributors, consumers, and research institutes all over the world with assurance, testing, inspection, and certification services. Sanray offers a wide range of quality control services for biofuels, including contamination analysis, quality confirmation, trace residual analysis, and other relevant quality services. We adhere to all international standards, such as ASTM and ISO, and we help to develop them by involving our global expertise in industry technical committees.

Biofuels production, storage, and distribution assets are also covered by Sanray services. Sanray provides technical expertise in Health, Safety, Environment, equipment and materials inspection, asset integrity management, NDT, metering and calibration, management systems, and training services throughout the lifecycle of the plant or storage facility, from design to operation and decommissioning. Sanray is the right partner for planning, establishing, and operating a laboratory facility within a company, thanks to its world-class technical competence and experience in managing laboratories.