Plastics & Polymers

Sanray’s polymers and plastics services can assist you in improving and qualifying materials and products in order to comply with international regulatory requirements.

A variety of difficulties in safety, quality, process, regulatory compliance, performance, and lifetime are encountered across the polymers and plastics supply chain. Whether you’re a base chemical supplier, an additive supplier, a converter, a compounder, or an end user, overcoming these obstacles can help you gain a competitive advantage.

Our scientists have decades of experience in the polymers and plastics sectors and can help you improve and qualify materials and products. Our Total Quality Assurance knowledge, provided with precision, speed, and enthusiasm, allows you to move forward with confidence.

Plastics Testing: Physical and Mechanical:

Physical, thermal, rheological, optical, ageing, barrier, surface, flammability, and mechanical properties are among the polymer and plastic testing services that detect the qualities of your raw materials or polymer and whether they match specification. Our knowledge can assist you in determining how well the materials are suited to the application and how they age.

Chemical Testing of Polymers and Plastics:

Formulation development, competitor material deformulation, blend comparison analysis, regulatory submission data requirements, and how polymer additives relate to performance are all areas where our specialists can help.

Regulatory and Consulting Services for Polymers:

We can also assist you in navigating the complex regulatory landscape. Our regulatory advisors are experts in food contact materials regulations, ASTM, prohibited compounds, automotive industry guidelines, emission standards, import laws, and toy manufacturing legislation. Sanray possesses a variety of industry and customer-specific quality certifications, including ISO, Nadcap, and Good Laboratory Practice certifications (GLP).

Support for the development of polymer products:

Our polymer manufacturing facility on a small scale can help you develop new products and processes. Our specialists can help with anything from raw material selection to material development, compounding and conversion manufacturing, prototyping, and the finished product.

Applications of Polymers:

Polymers and plastics are among the most versatile materials on the planet, and they are employed in virtually every area of our life. They’ve changed the way consumer goods and industrial applications like aerospace, automotive, electronics, and packaging are made. Our scientists have the industry expertise to provide you with the information you need to advance product development, assure compliance, and launch a successful market launch for the application you’re working on.