Total Quality Control for lubricants and greases around the world, including testing, inspection, regulatory advice, and certification services.

The worldwide industrial economy runs on lubricants and greases. Maintaining dependable operations for machinery and other equipment requires ensuring quality and durability requirements are met. Sanray supports producers and users of industrial and automotive lubricants, greases, and other fluids with a broad range of testing, certification, regulatory advising, and inspection services from the manufacturing facility to the end-user.

We offer a full range of oil condition monitoring (OCM) services to clients who operate or maintain machinery and systems. To identify probable breakdowns, we monitor the state of fluids used in crucial equipment. Technical professionals at Sanray evaluate the data to provide high-value information that helps our clients to make timely asset maintenance choices. Lubricant analysis programmes for large, high-value engines and drivetrains, turbines, ships, trains, generators, offshore platforms, and other important machinery are included in lubricant quality control tests.

Sanray’s Automotive Research Laboratory provides world-class testing services to fuel, lubricant, and engine manufacturers in the automotive industry. We are the industry leader in lubricant testing for standardized gasoline and diesel engines, as well as engine and drive-train endurance, durability testing, and other services. Sanray’s regulatory consulting experts can provide full support for establishing and implementing global regulatory compliance plans for new and existing products, facilitating global trade. We provide services for new product debuts, data generation, and validation of existing product compliance with local and global legislation.

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  • Qualification of Lubricant Services for testing gasoline and diesel engines
  • Lubricants, fluids, and oils undergo OCM (oil condition monitoring) testing and analysis.
  • Testing and inspection of lubricants for producers and industrial users
  • Lubricants, fluids, and oils undergo OCM (oil condition monitoring) testing and analysis.
  • Testing Services for Automotive Lubricants and Fuel Systems