Chemical testing and regulatory services for primary and industrial chemicals to help fulfil quality and regulatory standards while maximizing efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Basic and industrial chemicals are manufactured in large amounts and are important elements in products used by industry and the general public. Chemical raw materials originating from oil (petrochemicals), basic inorganics, and chemical process byproducts are among them. Understanding the manufacturing processes and chemical composition of these fundamental chemicals is critical for meeting cost-cutting goals and complying with increasingly demanding environmental and safety standards.

Our scientists research and test a wide range of chemicals utilised in a variety of industries, including specialised chemicals, polymers, agrochemicals, medicines, detergents, solvents, textiles, and many more. Chemical composition and physical characteristics tests are carried out according to international standards such as ASTM and ISO, while in-house procedures help with quality control testing, trace analysis, and contamination issues. We also offer full consulting services to assist in the development and implementation of global regulatory compliance strategies for new and existing goods.

Our services include new product introductions, data generation, and validation of existing product conformity with local and global requirements, all of which are provided with Total Quality Control.

Sanray’s manufacturing process assistance comprises chemical powder safety services as well as scientific consulting for the deployment and monitoring of on-line and at-line measures. We also recognize the importance of ensuring the longevity and safety of your materials and plant infrastructure. Our corrosion and asset integrity experts at Sanray can conduct tests and provide advice in the areas of chemical treatments, corrosion control, and production chemistry to improve safety and reduce the risk of material failure.

Our cargo inspection and supply chain auditing services can help you negotiate the complex supply chains and distribution routes, ensuring that your products are safe and risk-free. Our network of laboratories, capabilities, and Total Quality Control expertise are delivered consistently with precision, pace, and passion to support your research or manufacturing, ensuring your products and processes reach optimal performance and reliability, regardless of where you are in the supply chain.