Total Quality Assurance (TQA)

Throughout the business process, from product conception and design to manufacture and distribution, there are potential hazards.

Many businesses are looking for strategies to reduce international technical trade obstacles and risk while proactively managing their whole supply chain in order to stay competitive in the marketplace. For many businesses, establishing a holistic quality control system that spans the whole production process has become a must.

Sanray’s Total Quality Management (TQM) solution is an integrated, systematic method to guaranteeing that customers and suppliers alike have a reliable and effective quality system. TQM goes beyond product safety regulations to minimize total costs, speed up time-to-market, and increase product quality.

The key elements of TQM:

Quality System Evaluation 

An in-depth examination of a factory’s existing system management, standard implementation, procurements, and current manufacturing practices.

TQM  System Set Up 

Provides guidance on how to make the most of company resources and optimize the entire production system. Furthermore, it employs preventative and corrective methods to develop specified and detailed traceability systems that span the whole supply chain, from raw material procurement through product marketing.

Systematic Production Information Records 
At every stage of the manufacturing process, documents and records production data in Sanray’s large database. The information gathered includes information on associated equipment and materials, process inspection, safety requirements, and compliance.

Verification of Process/Product Data 

Once the TQM system is ready, it strategically verifies the entire production system by conducting process and product audits to confirm the authenticity of all identifying systems. Verify data to ensure that all standards are met, and respond quickly to any issues.