Mechanical and Materials Testing

Turbine Inspection Services

Sanray Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. is offering following specialized turbine inspection services for new and existing power plants (TG/HIGT).

Testing for Various Ores including Aluminum Ores, Barium Ores, Chromium Ores, Cobalt Ores, Copper Ores, Iron Ores, Lead Ores, Manganese Ores, Mercury Ores, Molybdenum Ores, Nickel Ores, Limestone, Dolomite, Rare Earth Metal Ores, Tin Ores, Titanium Ores, Tungsten Ores, Zinc Ores.

Metal Testing including Alkali Metals, Metal Finishing Materials, Metallic Coatings & Treatment Solutions, Metallic Coatings Plating Solutions, Precious Metals,

Salts and Minerals including Gypsum, Rock Phosphate and Mineral for Insulation Materials

Testing for Radioactive Material