Chemical Testing

Analysis of Cereals

Acid-Insoluble Ash Gluten (Dry)
Acidity of Extracted Fat as Oleic Acid Gluten (Wet)
Admixture/Varietal Admixture Grit Test
Alcoholic Acidity Insect-Damaged/Slightly Damaged/Touched Grains
Argemone Seeds Kesari Dal
Chalky Grains in case of Rice Microscopic Examination
Crude Fibre Moisture
Damaged grains & Broken/Discolored grains/Fragments Other Edible Food Grains/Pulses
Energy Protein
Extraneous Matter and Filth Protein (N x 6.25)
Fat Rodent Hair Excreta/Mold
Foreign Matter (Mineral/Organic Matter) Sedimentation Value
Shrivelled/Shrunken/Broken/Immature Starch Starch
Sugar as Sucrose Talc
Test for Mineral Oil Total Ash
Total Ash & Total Ash excluding NaCl Total Carbohydrates
Uric Acid Weevilled Grains (By Counts)