Sanray has laboratories outfitted with advanced testing equipment and industry recognised technical experts who assist you with your toughest material, component, product, or process challenges and bring you the confidence that your products and services comply with the required safety, quality and environmental standards.

Many issues play a part in the successful operation of transport systems, including local and international legislation, ensuring high standards of safety, logistics and efficiency. The building and maintenance of transport modes – such as aircraft, trains, cars and ships - also poses significant challenges as safety and reliability are vital. Stringent industry regulations govern not only the manufacturing of components and parts from engines, interiors, exteriors and everything in between but also in-service inspection and maintenance.

The services Sanray provides to the transportation industry cover all aspects of our clients’ needs from advisory, certification and inspection to outsourcing, quality assurance, testing, training and more.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories and qualified personnel enable us to provide the local and international knowledge your business needs to operate with confidence and know that safety, environmental and quality standards are adhered to.