Food & Healthcare

Sanray provides support to the food and healthcare industry and offers food hygiene testing services, thus helping brands, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers provide safer products to the consumer.

Whether you are in the catering/hospitality, or retail, manufacturing, processing, or producing business, regulatory compliance of product quality and safety, and customer satisfaction are critical factors for your success in today’s marketplace. In the world of food and healthcare, safety is paramount and working with an organisation that ensures that your products meet the required safety, regulatory and government standards, and maintain overall quality is vital to your success.

The experts at Sanray work with producers, distributors, as well as retailers to support your needs and to make most of a expanding world of possibilities, ensuring regulatory compliance and delivering customer satisfaction.

Whether you are bringing new and innovative food or healthcare products to the market or improving your supply chain, we can help you identify regulatory requirements and define performance criteria. From concept to consumer, we offer a complete range of solutions with expertise in testing, clinical trials, inspection, third part audits, training, scientific and regulatory consulting and certification.