Construction & Engineering

Sanray has highly trained and certified personnel who have the experience to provide testing and inspection services for a broad range of construction projects. Using various techniques and our specialised services, we provide clients with quantifiable results on the durability, strength, and characteristics of materials used to build structural elements and thus ensure the integrity and conformity of your construction and engineering processes and products.

The construction and engineering industries are met with unique set of challenges such as ensuring on-time project completion, use of safe products that meet a certain quality, preventing overrunning of costs, adherence to regulations and quality standards and effective risk management at every step of the way.

At Sanray, we offer you our expert guidance to your organisation to strengthen your crucial construction and engineering plans, and assist you in streamlining and securing supply chains and manufacturing processes by enabling product and project optimisation. to the quick results turn-around time.

We are your partner in bringing industry recognition and validation to your products and processes and assuring that they are strong, viable, and prepared to meet market demands.