Sanray offers a diverse range of services to the chemical industry, from chemical testing and inspection to consulting and training.

From perfumes and paints to food, pesticides and petrochemicals, chemicals are used in almost every product that we use in our daily lives. Hence, the chemicals industry is central to the economy and also complex, full of complicated equipment, instruments and sometimes difficult and dangerous logistics, which makes it important to ensure efficient production and compliance to regulatory standards. Sanray helps its partners identify contaminants and possible health hazards, and carry out tests which includes trace analysis, research, chemical composition determination, quality analysis and many others at every step of the supply chain and ensures that they get to market quickly and responsibly.

Our team employs their expertise and experience to assist you and your organisation with compliance with regulation and safety requirements, risk management, maintaining product integrity and meeting sustainability and environmental goals, for all phases of your chemical products’ life cycle. With the help of our state-of-the-art equipment, we help you perform even the most complex analysis, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Chemical manufacturing itself can be complicated with expensive infrastructures and specialist equipment. At Sanray, our corrosion and asset integrity specialists offer testing services and consulting on the life management of chemical manufacturing facilities and on vital equipment in hazardous locations to lower the risk of material and asset failure and support the overall safety of your operations.