Testing on Surface Cleaning and Finishing Industries

10 March 2019

By Admin


In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana as well as in India, there are thousands of industries which need testing services and Sanray Laboratories can serve for the following:

Problems of abrasive blast cleanliness
Problems in pickling & salt bath descaling
Removal of residues from NDT like magnetic particle inspection
Selection of cleaning processes
Tests for cleaning

Types of Tests:

  • Break Down Tests(Voltage)
  • Chemical Composition of Baths
  • Coating Thickness Measurement
  • Compositions of Cleaning Baths
  • Porosity & Holidays Testing
  • Salt Spray Testing
  • Surface Preparation for Electroplating
  • Surface Preparation for Painting & Coating
  • Surface Preparation for Passivation

Quality Control Parameter Tests such as:

  • Chemicals Testing
  • Concentration
  • Cycle Inspection (Heat Treating & Surface Cleaning)
  • Effectiveness of Inhibitor Testing
  • Effective Passivation
  • Hexavalent Types of Coating (Chromium)
  • Impurities
  • Quality of Surface Blasting
  • Processing Variables
  • Selection Process
  • Solvent Testing
  • Salt Spray Testing
  • Sediments
  • Surface Roughness

Type of Industries

  • Chromium Coating
  • Coating Industries
  • Copper Plating
  • Gold Coating
  • Nickel Plating
  • Painting Industries
  • Passivation Performing Industries
  • Silver Plating
  • Spray Painting Industries
  • Effectiveness of Coating of Different Types
    • Blacking
    • Lubricity
    • Heat Absorbing etc.